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Alina's Marketing Strategy

For most business owner’s, marketing is an overwhelming concept. They require marketing solutions to ensure a smooth running, profitable business yet most don’t know where to begin or how to focus on their efforts. At Alina, we focus on the basics of selling with the most cost effective tools available. Determining how much to spend on marketing can be one of the biggest obstacles that businesses face these days. Controlling of expenses, budgeting and proper planning are one of the core foundations for Alina’s success.

So why is it so difficult to find new ideas in the industry or marketing? Have we become complacent when it comes to developing new campaigns and strategies? Is it just easier to copy campaigns and change them to make them your own? At Alina, we simplify our marketing tools with a comprehensive study of the market and the successful running of our products is the prime example for this. With a vast product range which now also includes Animal Health, we are now more determined than ever to explore the opportunities in the veterinary industry of Pakistan. The prime focus of our strategy is to make sure that our products and services meet customer needs better than our competitor and develop long term and profitable relationships with those customers.

Our strategy is always measurable and achievable and we work to differentiate our company with the rest with keeping our customers health and requirements in mind. Our vision is our strength.

Alina’s Marketing Team
We Love To See You Healthy !!!

Products in Development
- Poultry Tonic
- Veterinary Injectables
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